Hardest Lesson: How to overcome

The hardest thing, I find each year to teach my students to do is to overcome. See if they would only learn to overcome their demons then the lessons of grammar, theme, and plot would come so much more easier. But learning to over come is the hardest part. Overcoming usually is a learned behavior that is not always taught at home. Learning to overcome is taking the hard route to get things done because it will be better in the end. I see the cycle these kids go through frankly because I go through it as well. 

I know what it’s like growing up in the area these kids do. I know that from an early age many people around us take the easy way out, cheat the system all in an attempt to overcome their adversities. The Sad things is, it is year before those people realize they are only going in circles. They are not overcoming their problems, they are prolonging them. They are avoiding them. They are digging the hole deeper.

So these kids see this cycle and start to play into this cycle. They don’t learn what overcoming means or looks like. They don’t understand that overcoming is many times doing what is difficult so that you may move past the situation. But they do what they learned and they take an easy way out to prolong the problem. In that attempt they prolong their ability to learn. They prolong the chance to do better in life. 

So teaching how to overcome is the hardest lesson I try to teach. It doesn’t always look the same. It isn’t alway just a novel or story about a character finding their way out of the problem. It is sometimes opening up myself raw for them to truely see what breaking the cycle looks like. It is reminding them, I went through almost exactly what they did and I overcame. 

This is the hardest lesson to teach in part because it’s hard to absorb for the kids but also because it is hard for me to open up. While I am overcome, that hard habit to keeping up walls is still there. So in my attempt to teach overcoming, I must overcome myself to open up. It’s the hardest lesson student and teach both. 


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  1. Helen says:

    Love your blog…will share it with others. Follow your passion!


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